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Meet Lou

I am a 24 year old Human Nutrition Graduate, Qualified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Specialist and Mental Health Advocate currently based in Cheshire with my partner and our little girl Evie-Rose.

Shortly after my daughters birth I was diagnosed with postnatal depression which had a huge impact on every aspect of my life leaving me feeling isolated, low and that nobody could understand. I’ve always loved exercise and that massively helped me to feel energised but one surprising factor I found that really made the difference was talking with other mums who could relate to and somewhat understand what I was going through.

With such a passion for nutrition, health & fitness I wanted to do everything I could to combine my knowledge and experiences to reassure  and help other mums  out there struggling in silence. Hence the creation of Bumps, Mums & Tums.


What is Bumps, Mums & Tums?


We are a community of local mums that share knowledge and help each other based on our own real life experiences. If you aren’t already a part of the community then get involved now.

We also run regular exercise classes for all local mamas and ladies no matter what stage your body is at. For pregnant ladies we have the BUMPS classes, for those of you wanting to bring your baby with you we have the MUMS classes or  for any ladies wanting some baby free exercise time we have TUMS classes in the evenings and weekends.


Our Aim?

It’s our mission to make sure that whatever you’re going through as a parent you never feel alone or suffer in silence and you will always have somebody you can turn to for anything.

Family is everything, and that’s what we strive to be.

So if you’re a mum-to-be (BUMPS), mum (MUMS) looking for advice, insight or even if it’s just some encouragement to help get your body back to what makes you happy (TUMS), hopefully this community will help.

Love always,

Louise MacGregor Signature

Louise MacGregor
Bumps, Mums & Tums Creator