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Birth Stories: #2 Baby Arthur3 min read

Birth Stories: #2 Baby Arthur<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

I am going to be very matter of fact when writing my birth story. My son, Arthur is now 2 years old and it’s been a struggle to relive his delivery until now which is why I won’t write too much about how I felt. I am just going to write about what happened as it transpired.


I was 42 weeks pregnant when I went into hospital for a routine scan and listen of babies heart, I was very keen for Arthur to come of his own accord and not be forced out by induction if he wasn’t ready, so this was something the hospital asked me to do to ensure he was okay. I was told he looked absolutely fine and I could go home and return the next day for us to be checked again, this is called expected management.


I had gathered my belongings and was heading for the door to get home when they asked to check me again as it looked like small contractions were being picked up on the monitor, sure enough they were and they asked if they could book me in for an induction.


Even though this was something I didn’t necessarily want something made me think that I needed to be booked in to ensure my babies safety.


The following day at 2pm I went to the induction ward and at 3pm the first pessary was inserted. I went for walks around the hospital with my other half and at around 7pm we watched a film and tried to relax.


At 9pm another pessary was inserted as I was only 1/2cm dilated. Contractions started around 11pm and were immediately very intense, long and with only a minute between them. I managed until 3am when I was checked again and was still only 1cm dilated, another pessary was inserted and it was agony to be examined, it was then mentioned I could be allergic to the prostaglandin used.


I then bounced on my birthing ball until being checked again at 7am, I was being sick with every contraction and a midwife thought I should be moved to delivery as she saw my vomiting as a sign of transition  (when labouring women are preparing to push) but I was STILL only 1cm.


I was given gas and air in the delivery suite and continued to be monitored. It was then that my midwife decided I needed to be put on the drip to speed up the induction process and get things moving, the contractions then were very intense but I still wasn’t progressing like they wanted me to, so my waters were then broken and meconium flooded out with them.


It was clear from the get go that Arthur was back to back which is why the contractions were so intense and why alot of my pain was in my bum! Things get a little blurry from here but a few hours later they started to worry about Arthur’s heart rate and needed to take some blood from his head to check his gas levels. I was then around 5cm and it was about 5:30pm.


They put my legs in stirrups, which does take away any dignity you had left and they put a clamp inside my vaginal wall to get to his head.


After taking the blood they discovered that his carbon dioxide levels were too high and his oxygen levels too low. I was then rushed down to the theatre for Arthur to be born via emergency section, and at 6:05pm all 9lb 12oz of him was delivered safely.

Birth Stories: #2 Baby Arthur


By Emily Whalley


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