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Taking those initial ‘steps’ back in to exercise1 min read

Taking those initial ‘steps’ back in to exercise<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

⁣Firstly, congratulations! After what your body has been through it’s more than deserved a much needed rest!👏⁣
So now you’ve taken some time off I bet those muscles are feeling pretty weak?….and what you once thought were simple tasks have gotten a little bit more difficult?! 👀⁣
There’s no need to worry, this is completely normal and things will be back to normal in due time.⁣
To start with PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take it easy! I know you want to be back to what you were like before you fell pregnant but that’s going to take you a hell of a lot longer if you rush back and injure yourself.⁣
It seems SO obvious and blatant to say but so many women we speak to overlook or forget the health benefits something as seemless and simple as a WALK can have for you. ⁣
🚶🏻‍♀️YES a walk;⁣
🔺Keeps you active ⁣
🔺Reduces stress⁣
🔺Eases discomfort⁣
🔺Regulates blood pressure⁣
🔺Improves circulation⁣
🔺Strengthens bones & muscles⁣
It’s not the HIIT you may have been used to or the classes you may have mastered but for now, it may be exactly what you need to start rebuilding.💪🦵⁣
Also as it’s low intensity, there’s really low risk of any tearing or pulling of those fragile muscles as you ease your way back in to exercising.⁣
So what are you waiting for? Get those trainers on, get that baby in the buggy and go for a walk! 🚶🏻‍♀️👶⁣
When you’ve done that, keep your eyes peeled for the next home workout specifically for the postnatal body.⁣


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